Beauty meets Science

A highly innovative skincare range developed by experts in Switzerland. It offers a new approach to hydration, coupled with the latest scientific innovations for skin perfection.

Made by V Line Laboratories

V Line Laboratories have chosen Switzerland as the development and research centre with Swiss skincare experts to develop and produce their new high performing and premium quality skincare brand.

The Swiss heritage starts with the beauty of the landscape and its nature - from which unique ingredients are extracted and used in the premium skin care world.

Switzerland is an extremely attractive location for research & Development and high quality production standards. There is no other country in which the medical and cosmetics technology sector is of such great importance.

The most effective performing formulas

The innovative and powerful formulas are concentrated with skin essential ingredients and penetrate perfectly into the skin. The ingredient combination aims to counteract skin aging by restoring optimal hydration, re-balancing skin cell functionality and maximize the cell metabolism. Their synergistic effect leads to superior and exceptional results.

A personalized skin system

The aim is to develop a global skincare brand, which generates cosmeceuticals for major skin issues such as pigmentation, aging, dry and acne prone skins.
Each skincare product offers a wide range of benefits according to the most up-to-date evidence-based dermatological research.

Hydration is key

All formulas are imperatively developed to support maximum skin hydration as this is the foundation for skin health. When the skin is well hydrated it looks vibrant, smooth and radiant. But when skin's natural processes for maintaining hydration break down, it can become dull over time. It is therefore very important to care for skin in a way that helps maintain cell health while sealing in moisture.

Hydrated skin:

Prevents skin problems
Increases blood flow
for a healthy glow
Reduces tiredness, thinness and wrinkles
Improves cell turnover
Alleviates skin discoloration

Soft Swiss Spring Water Infinitely pure, rich and well balanced in mineral content

Switzerland, known as the Water Tower of Europe has a unique geological situation to offer supreme quality water. The soft spring water of the Reverse Skin System originates from a natural and unusually pure spring at the Gotthard mountain range in the Alps of central Switerland. Its benefits have been known and enjoyed for centuries, serving as a refreshing and revitalizing fountain.

The spring water spends decades seeping through rocks, and therefore undergoes a process of natural filtration and mineralization. The soft spring water contains many of the essential minerals and trace elements that ensure the correct functioning of the body, such as magnesium, copper, potassium and zinc. Its perfectly balanced composition makes it ideal for hydrating and balancing skincare formulas.